Help your employees thrive.

Behavioral health is expensive, from lost productivity and high medical care costs. Our behavioral health benefits improve outcomes and reduce costs for your organization.

Your employees will thank you for it.

1 in 5 employees experience depression

Most employees don’t receive the care they need, even with EAP and medical benefits

  1. Know how your employees are doing

    Screening emailed to employees confidentially and securely

  2. Efficiently identify the right care

    Treatment matching through our machine-learning models for personalized, effective care

  3. Be confident your employees are getting the help they need

    Referral to care to in-person providers and premium Spring tele-providers

How are we different?

  • Cost-Effective

    Our AI empowers even primary care doctors to effectively treat mild to moderate cases of behavioral health conditions. We don’t have to rely exclusively on expensive psychiatrists to deliver high quality care. Lower costs mean higher ROI for employers.

  • Higher Quality of Care

    Our peer-reviewed machine-learning reduces the long trial-and-error process common to behavioral healthcare and helps patients find relief as quickly as possible.

  • Evidence-Based Solution

    Spring’s employer-facing solution is modelled off of a JAMA study involving about 250,000 participants. We have enhanced the JAMA solution with our proprietary machine-learning models, which have been validated and published in leading journals like Lancet Psychiatry and JAMA Psychiatry.

  • Premium Provider Network

    Our providers are licensed psychiatrists, internists, and therapists who are equipped with our proprietary clinical decision support to deliver the highest quality care.