Design, Consult & Specialise - Quick-Start Career In Fashion

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DURATION: 16 weeks
DELIVERY: Practical 1 Day per week + Online Modules
COST: $5000 (includes a two-piece made to measure ladies or gents suit)

(students must be enrolled by Jan 1 to be eligible)

This course is primarily aimed at those individuals wanting to start their own clothing label, apparel store or fashion consultancy business. The classes are centred around suiting because suits are one of the most complex outfits to assemble and fit on a client. On completing all of the modules in this course, you’ll have fundamental competencies required to start your own label, become a fitting specialist or fashion consultant, or to open your own fashion store.

Successful completion could also help kick-start a career in garment design, luxury brand management, textiles, magazine consultancy and uniform design.

Foundational Knowledge - Fabrics

Fabric (the basics – types of canvas, wool & blends, patterns)
Fabric (the complex – weights, weaves, warp and weft, microns & grams, milling techniques)
Selections (choosing the right fabrics and making your garments fit for purpose)

Foundational Knowledge - Tools of Trade

Fitting specialist tools - what you'll need to get by
Threads, needles, thimbles and more
Sewing machine fundamentals - understanding machines and their purpose
Identifying stitch types
Design to production - an overview of how small brands scale their production

Foundational Knowledge – Learn the Language

Intro to Suiting (the basics and history)
Components to a suit, and different options for styling these components

  • Shoulders
  • Lapels
  • Button configurations and stance
  • Cuffs
  • Pockets
  • Venting
  • Trousers and details

How the styling of these affects the formal/casual balance
Label the features and parts
Matching styles to customer needs
Proportions (adapted from Flusser’s ‘Dressing the Man’)

Fitting Every Body

How to properly fit a person (process, effective note-taking, measurements, fitting samples, photos)
Identifying fit problem and solutions. We'll also teach you the basics of pinning a garment.


Measuring garments (jacket, trouser, shirt, overcoats, vests)
Measuring body & noting posture

Consultative & Needs-Based Selling

Becoming an expert in needs-based selling is the single most important element of success in fashion - period. Understanding why people buy what they buy is key to unlocking huge revenues. During this course, you'll learn different approaches to needs-based selling. Through this, you'll become better equipped to create your own unique approach for your business.