We analyze big data to give you the right data: a new approach to precision medicine.

Powered by our proprietary machine-learning technology, our data-driven framework for behavioral health leads to better outcomes and healthier patients.

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It was a no-brainer for me; I would welcome any technology that would facilitate a psychiatrist’s challenge in selecting an effective antidepressant medication or medication regimen for those suffering from clinical depression.

Girish Subramanyan, MD

Spring For Psychiatrists

Spring provides a peer-reviewed and validated alternative to pharmacogenomic clinical decision support.

Using a cloud-based assessment, we compare your patient’s profile against thousands of patients in our nationally representative data set and provide personalized treatment recommendations for unipolar depressed patients.

We embed the clinical decision-support in a state-of-the-art measurement-based care framework to maximize outcomes for your patients.


  • Personalized clinical support
  • Digital intake and follow-up scales
  • Beautiful and easy visualizations of patient progress on provider dashboard
  • Fully HIPAA-Compliant platform
  • Interoperability and integration with your EHR


  • More actively engaged patients: patients quantify their symptoms and get a better understanding of their experience with depression
  • Lower attrition rates: we help identify patients at risk for dropping out of treatment
  • Streamlined processes: digital scales and dashboards make measurement-based care easy
  • Better outcomes: we enhance accuracy of clinical judgement through objective assessment of patients’ treatment progress (Sapyta et al 2005)
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Spring has the potential to greatly improve how primary care doctors treat behavioral health conditions. I especially applaud Spring’s evidence-first approach. Its publications and clinical validation are top notch.

Michael Sernyak, MD
CEO, Connecticut Mental Health Center

Spring For Primary Care

79% of primary care doctors say they want clinical decision support for their behavioral health patients.

70% of primary care visits in the United States are related to behavioral health needs, but health providers often lack the time and/or training to help patients manage these problems in evidence-based ways.

Seamlessly integrate behavioral health into your practice.

We help screen patients for behavioral health conditions and provide clinical decision support that goes beyond evidence-based standards with personalized, data-driven care.

Our Solution

  • digitized screening and intake assessment
  • evidence-based, efficient clinical decision support
  • mobile outcomes tracking
  • population health analytics and easier quality measure reporting
  • full EHR integration and interoperability

Benefits of Spring for Your Organization

  • provide evaluated data for the organization and measure overall performance
  • streamline reporting requirements and score high on outcomes measures
  • standardize treatment guidelines across clinicians and ensure evidence-based care is provided to all patients

Relevant MIPS (MACRA) Quality Measures

  • Depression Remission at Six Months (NQF: 0711; High Priority Measure)
  • Depression Remission at Twelve Months (NQF: 0710; High Priority Measure)
  • Child and Adolescent Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): Suicide Risk Assessment (NQF: 1365; High Priority Measure)
  • Depression Utilization of the PHQ-9 Tool (NQF: 0712)
  • Maternal Depression Screening (Quality ID: 372)
  • Preventive Care and Screening: Screening for Clinical Depression and Follow-Up Plan (NQF: 0418)
  • Adult Major Depressive Disorder (MDD): Suicide Risk Assessment (NQF: 0104)
  • Anti-Depressant Medication Management (NQF: 0105)
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