The Cream of the Crop - Full Handmade, Full Canvas MTM Suiting

The highest standard of craftsmanship, paired with the best ingredients, creates the best product.

In the sartorial trade, there exists an old adage that forever rings true;
When executing a flawless finish, the best way to do it is by hand.

In our never-ending quest to bring you the best, we've pulled out all of the stops in order to present you the option for the most meticulously hand-finished garment, full of handmade details.

With a fully canvassed handmade suit, you can look forward to the following unique hallmarks and finishing touches:


Hand padded, hand stitched lapel.
Stitching the lapel padding by hand gives unmatched ability to shape the lapel in the tailor's desired way.

This will give a beautiful soft roll to the lapel, something that can't be achieved by a machine. It's a wonderful detail that will stand out immediately.

The lapel buttonhole, or boutonniere, is also fully handmade and can be crafted in a variety of unique shapes.

 Full Handmade Made to Measure Suiting Adelaide Australia


The collar is attached by hand, making it infinitely easier for the collar to sit flat against your back and remain shaped to your body.
This handwork requires 90 minutes per jacket to complete; the result will greatly enhance comfort and fit.

Handmade Made to Measure MTM Custom Tailoring Adelaide

Sleeves and Shoulders

Sleeves and shoulders are fully handmade and hand-attached.
Fixing the shoulder by hand takes 600 individual stitches per jacket.
Manual attachment of the armhole provides fantastic benefits for ease of movement, with the method of stitching allowing some give in the thread, meaning you get a better range of motion before your jacket moves with your arms.

For those who value mobility in a jacket, this is something that's worth its weight in gold!

The sleeve itself features many handmade details also, such as hand stitched cuffs, decorative pick stitch and sleeve lining.

 Handmade Premium Made to Measure MTM Suits Adelaide Australia

Buttons and Buttonholes

Our tailors use the most careful methods to sew each buttonhole by hand, manually attach the buttons and defining the perfect stand on each.
Sewing a single buttonhole can take upwards of 20 minutes, and the meticulous hand finish is a sight to behold.

 Handmade Made to Measure MTM Custom Tailoring Adelaide

Pick Stitching

The tailor will spend up to 2 hours manually pick stitching your jacket, which is a definitively handmade touch and it affords the tailor the opportunity to quality inspect the entire garment.

Our handmade suits all feature finely detailed, carefully spaced pick stitching on the lapels, collar, sleeve slit, back seam, back vents and several trouser seams.

 Handmade Made to Measure MTM Custom Tailoring Adelaide


An enhanced silhouette is afforded to our house signature ship shaped breast pockets on our jackets, with the hand stitching allowing for a beautiful shape to be crafted.

The ship shape can be approximated quite well by a machine, but hand crafting is what makes it perfect.

Hand sewn bartacks are also featured on pockets.

Handmade Made to Measure MTM Custom Tailoring Adelaide Barchetta Pocket

Additional Features

We use a higher quality, premium lightweight Italian canvas for our handmade suits. This forms better, breathes easier, drapes more naturally and allows for cooler wearing during the summer.

With your choice of premium fabrics, linings and buttons, purchasing a premium handmade, full canvas, made to measure suit from Beg Your Pardon will count you among the owners of the highest quality garments available in Adelaide.

Pricing for a suit created with handmade construction starts at $3500, excluding cloth.

We aim to make this the most premium of tailoring experiences you can have in the state, with the finest artisanal product created as a result.

Why not try it for yourself?

Book an appointment with us today!

Handmade Made to Measure MTM Custom Tailoring Adelaide

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