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If you have a favourite piece, or something iconic you've seen on screen, we can recreate it for you. Get as close as possible to a faithful reproduction, or put your own twist on it! Send us a photo of any garment you would like us to recreate. If we can make it, we will provide you a quote for its construction cost. If you are happy with the price, you can then book an appointment for a fitting and to view and discuss fabrics.
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North by Northwest

A popular piece for inspiration, this iconic suit worn by Cary Grant has been the genesis of several client suits.

Becks in Tails

The star footballer has prompted quite an increase in the requests we get for old-style morning dress and tailcoats, especially for weddings.

It Happened One Night

One of our all time favourite old Hollywood suits, the Clark Gable piece with triple square bellows patch pockets and pleated belt back was a fun project to recreate.

The name's Bond...

Several actors have graced the screen as the iconic agent over the last few decades, and their garments have served to inspire many. This debonair navy double breasted blazer is one such piece to find itself revered among our clientele.

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