Rules for Borrowing Clothing

We don’t provide a traditional suit hire service, but we do sometimes allow the use of our clothing for photo shoots and other projects. While we do want to help aspiring artists where we can, it is very onerous and expensive keeping track of garments and repairing accidental damage. As such, we’ve stepped out the rules of engagement for those wanting to borrow our garments.

  1. We do not need photos for our “portfolio”, but thank you for your consideration.
  2. If you are an influencer and believe you are a good fit for Beg Your Pardon, please submit your bio (with links) via email to We will review it and respond to you if and when we are seeking the services of an influencer. 
  3. Our business name is not to be used on any photo or video, or in any description of a photo or video anywhere unless we have expressly agreed to this in an email sent from the store owner’s email address.
  4. Models must be booked in for a fitting at least one week prior to the shoot.
  5. If a model does not fit our clothing reasonably well without alterations, we may choose not to allow the garments to be used. Nobody wants their garments looking poorly fitted.
  6. No alterations are to be performed on garments unless you have purchased them, or unless we have expressly agreed to this in an email sent from the store owner’s email address.
  7. A security deposit of the total value of the garments is required upon collection. This will be refunded (minus the lease fee set out in section 9) when the garments are returned in their original condition.
  8. All garments must be dry cleaned before they are returned. 
  9. All garments are charged at a leasing fee totalling 5% of their retail value per day. This includes the day they are taken from the store and the day they are returned (and, yes, we charge for the day it takes to dry clean the clothes too).
  10. All swing tags must be returned in their original condition.
  11. All photos or videos taken of our garments must be provided to us in their raw format.
  12. We reserve the right to use any photo or video taken of our garments. We will refund the lease fee for those garments featured in media that we use.
  13. We reserve the right to prohibit the use or distribution of any photo or video taken of our garments (in case you choose to photograph our clothing in a way that we disagree with).
  14. We can provide a stylist to assist with wardrobe design. This service is charged at $150 per hour on location and $75 per hour in-store.
  15. If you are looking for a more permanent costuming solution, we do provide a garment design service for theatre and cinema.
If you have any questions about these terms please email us at