Pricing & Construction


Not all made to measure garments are created equally. Construction, process and style vary immensely from one house to the next (hence the industry term ‘house style’). 

What makes things tricky is that, aside from testimonials and reviews, it's not easy to distinguish the good tailors from the less-good without taking the plunge and commissioning a suit. To begin, below we have listed our suit consctuction prices. A suit includes one jacket and one trouser.

Entry Level Made to Measure Suit $1290
Half Canvas Made to Measure Suit $1490
Full Canvas Made to Measure Suit $1990
Handmade Full Canvas Suit $2690

Note, prices exclude fabric cost as this is chosen during your consultation and can vary immensely from one fabric mill to the next. The average suit requires about 3.8 meters of fabric, though this can vary for different fabric weaves and patterns. To learn about how our garments are constructed please book a free consultation.


A starting point to choosing a suitable tailor (pardon the pun) is to find one who you feel understands your shape and can explain the mobility and fit issues that you might experience wearing a suit or jacket. This generally indicates a good level of competence.


This is important for obvious reasons. A good tailor is an honest one, and they will be open about their construction pricing. However, if your local tailor has no pricing on display and "quotes each job independently" be wary because you're probably being taken for a ride. Of course, fabric and buttons are costed separately, and you will choose these during your consultation. But the garment construction price should be clearly advertised somewhere.

The prices indicated on this page are for construction of the garments only, and they do not include fabric costs. Please book a free consultation to learn more about the different construction types listed. 


Fabric costs vary immensely, ranging from $50 to $500 per meter (with some fabrics exceeding this price). Budget around $150 per meter for something quite exceptional. Some of the mills that we work with are listed below, with links, though we are able to work with any mill of your choosing.

A typical 2-piece suit requires approximately 3.8 meters of cloth (at 1.5 meters wide, which is industry standard). A vest requires another meter, unless you're exceptionally big or tall.

Buttons made using gold, silver or precious stones are not included in this price. However we do have a vast range of horn, corozo (nut) and other buttons to choose from (included in the price).


Also, we don't just make suits and shirts. We have hundreds of garment patterns, including:

  • safari jackets
  • smoking jackets
  • tails
  • dinner suits & tuxedos
  • overcoats
  • ties, and more

We have a service that specialises in big men’s and extra tall suiting (this is how we successfully fitted the Adelaide 36ers - evidence below). Your pricing may differ from those advertised on this page simply because there may be more work involved in making your suit. Though, it usually is the same price. Please book a free consultation and we can give a more accurate estimate once we've seen you.

Michael Bois and Owen Hulland


You are welcome to purchase one of these suits as a gift. The recipient can then select a fabric during their fitting consultation. 

To view our available fabrics, please search the following websites and make note of the cloth codes: