Famous Men who Nailed the Morning Dress Code

Morning dress, not to be confused with white tie, is one of the highest levels of traditional dress we have in Western civilisation.
The most formal of daytime outfits, morning dress and the morning suit have a long and illustrious history including some famous people who have nailed the look.

As we've noticed morning dress beginning to become a more popular alternative to a normal wedding suit for couples looking to add an extra kick of pizazz to the big day, we've taken the time to collate some style inspiration for you.

Morning dress is an inherently British invention and tradition, so naturally they tend to be the best at doing it (but not always!).

Gregory Peck

To illustrate, we start our list with the American actor Gregory Peck, walking with friend David Niven alongside their belles.
Both look absolutely astounding in the classic silhouette.

Gregory Peck Morning Suit Morning Dress Tailored Custom Suit Adelaide

David Beckham

David Beckham Morning Dress Tailored Custom Morning Suits Adelaide

With a slimmer, more modern interpretation, David Beckham wowed many with this look (and we get it shown as inspiration by clients very often).
With the morning dress tradition coming from an era where tailored clothing was quite fitted, the style is well at home with the slimmer silhouettes which have been the fashion standard in suiting for some time now.
Becks' waistcoat illustrates about the longest possible vest length/shortest possible trouser rise that can be used to pull off the morning dress look without appearing to have a long torso and short legs.
More on that later.

Roger Moore

Moore donned a morning suit during the Bond film A View to a Kill, complete with matching top hat and gloves for a monochrome look at the Royal Ascot horse races.

Roger Moore Morning Dress Tailored Custom Morning Suits Adelaide

Prince Charles

No list of people exemplifying British sartorial tradition can omit a mention of England's finest royal dresser, Prince Charles.

The Prince of Wales has been photographed a number of times throughout his life wearing stunning morning dress ensembles.
Here are two of our favourites:

Prince Charles Morning Dress Tailored Custom Morning Suits Adelaide

Prince Charles Morning Dress Tailored Custom Morning Suits Adelaide

Fred Astaire

Another American actor immortalised for his sartorial prowess, Fred Astaire was one of the few who could effortlessly pull off the ensemble wearing such rare sights as a dress ascot tied over the shirt collar.
...and then dance in it all!

Fred Astaire Morning Dress Tailored Custom Morning Suits Adelaide


We love the style, silhouette and connotations of morning dress, especially for a wedding.
It's a fantastic way to go the extra mile and have the groom stand out from the crowd on your wedding day, elevating the pairing with the wedding dress.

Stand out from the crowd today and let us craft your very own morning dress ensemble, simply by booking an appointment with us.



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