Two incredibly eye-catching Holland & Sherry casual jackets

We love when a client commissions unique fabrics to be made into garments.

These pieces here are some of the best and most tasteful we've seen this year.
Commissioned by our client John, a gentleman of discerning taste, we crafted these jackets from cloths of the Oceania bunch by the famed mill Holland & Sherry.

Oceania is a bunch containing some of the most interesting textured jacketing available by cut length.
There are many fascinating swatches in there, and John chose two of the best.


The first jacket crafted was a light brown speckled bouclé, woven from cotton, linen and polyamide. It was made up in our single button, patch pocket model.
It elongates the lines of the torso and allows the wearer to cut a very sharp shape.

This is a cloth absolutely brimming with texture, and it made up into a surprisingly subtle statement of a jacket, speaking more by texture than loudness of colour.
Nevertheless, it is a sight to behold!

The second was a flourishing take on the classic blue and white striped seersucker pattern, crafted from a blend of cotton and linen.
Featuring a rippled effect to the stripes, this lends dynamism and uniqueness to the pattern, which is furthered by a beautiful rippled hand.
This jacket was made up in our standard two button model, and has made up into an eye catching piece that will doubtless be supremely versatile.

These two make for some sharp additions to the summer wardrobe.
We're glad of John gracing us with the opportunity to craft these beautiful jackets, it's unique commissions like these that keep our hearts immersed in the trade.
Thanks John!

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