Introducing the Gallery

We've introduced a new way to help you narrow down the options for your next commission.


You may have recently seen that we added a new Instagram account - @bypgallery - which we got a few questions about.
First and foremost, this isn't a replacement for our original account.

We started the page to feed into a special new page on the website.
Combining a wide range of works we've made, in addition to some supplied by our mills, we curated a varied collection of stylistic inspirations that will help you with ideas for your next commission.

Suiting, separates, formalwear, coating - they're all there!

We'll be continuing to update the gallery on a regular basis, with new and interesting styles that we make and find.
Each one is numbered, so if you find something that you particularly like, just quote the number when you book in with us.
We'll be able to quickly reference it and get a solid idea of your preference!

See the full gallery on our Inspiration Images page.

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