A Word from our Founder: Weddings are likely changing forever...

You’re likely well aware of the impact COVID has had on the wedding industry. Those suppliers who have survived the ordeal (thus far) are hanging on by a thread; photographers, bridal shops, catering companies and the like. As a business that typically works on hundreds of weddings a year, there have been some positive outcomes that we want to share with you. These fundamental changes that we have observed have made our job dressing every bridal party far more enjoyable!
The pandemic has forced people to have smaller weddings. Many couples are finding that they actually prefer it; the notion of a 150-person sit-down has, in the past, been a major cause of distress. The restrictions have forced a downsizing, which has alleviated some of the pressure... *whew.

Less bother with guest lists, less cost per head at venues, a more intimate atmosphere at the event with your closest friends and family... the benefits are showing themselves in droves.
However, the true effects of this are somewhat lost. Most couples to be are going through the wedding planning process for the first time, so they're not aware that they're less stressed than their pre-Covid contemporaries.
However, it's an effect that we are clearly seeing.

From someone who deals with hundreds of weddings per year, I can attest that 2020 has been the year of the least stressed brides and grooms. Many couples have made more practical decisions, opting to spend on quality over quantity.
People seem happier to invest in a high quality photographer, better quality food and wine, and, most importantly, putting more investment into the wedding suit.
Once the after-thought of wedding planning, the groom's suit is more often getting the attention it deserves. For couples, the lifting of the veil, being forced to really consider what's important, has surfaced a more practical side of thought to prospective brides and grooms.
Couples are now realising, more than ever, that the suit is useful after the wedding. Almost everything else used on the wedding day and then it's either thrown away, buried in a storage cupboard to occasionally be brought out for memory's sake or eventually, pawned off.
The suit, on the other hand, is something that the groom can re-use time and time again. It may even be something to pass down to a son, if cared for well.
With the right design details, it can be worn to work, to interviews, to dinners with a dress code, to the races, or any old time that you feel like dressing to the nines.
It's an advantage that the groom enjoys exclusively; in this case, compared to brides, who will likely never wear the wedding dress again.
With this in mind, it becomes apparent that a groom's wedding suit is quite possibly one of the best investments a couple can make within the planning stage.
Quality fabrics, quality construction methods and a timeless, flattering cut are the keystones in a wedding suit that will live to be worn frequently.
With our Made to Measure program being utilised more often than ever, we're loving the results that we're seeing.
We'd love for your upcoming wedding suit to be something that is worn frequently, and serves as an inside reminder of your union.
Invest in quality, and we'll take care of the rest.
On your big day, we want you feeling your best!
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Photographed by Jessica Clarke

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