The Beg Your Pardon Polo Coat - An Iconic Outerwear Piece Reimagined

There are many details from bygone eras, that are usually absent on modern tailoring.

Many of these details lend a wonderful splash of pizazz to a garment, and we're staunch lovers of the many beautiful details seen on garments from the past.
As such, we love to include these dapper details wherever we can, and the result of this coat is a marriage of modern versatility with vintage inspired qualities.

The polo coat, originally developed to keep polo players warm in between bouts on the field, has long been a staple style of overcoat around the world.
Its merging of dressy details with a casual flair makes it one of the most versatile pieces of outerwear that you can own.

Beg Your Pardon Polo Coat Made to Measure Adelaide Tailoring

We've added a host of beautiful details, some functional, and some purely expressive.
The barchetta (or little boat) chest pocket, now a staple on all of our tailored jacketing and outerwear, complements the line of your chest with its natural, slightly rounded upswept curve.

Beg Your Pardon Polo Coat Adelaide Made to Measure

The mitred, turn-out sleeve cuff is a detail that while mostly seen on the highest end of formality in the past, adds an air of distinguished flair that is surprisingly versatile.
Whether donned over a suit, or simply worn with a pair of fitted selvedge denim, the mitred sleeve makes a statement that this garment could never have been picked off of the rack.

Beg Your Pardon Polo Coat Adelaide Made to Measure

It's on the back of the garment that we hearken to the past and give our collective nods to the golden ages of tailoring.
We've included a box pleat that runs the length of the back, in addition to a half belt, to ensure maximum ease of movement and maximum statement.
A line of hidden buttons is included inside the centre back vent, which can be fastened to achieve the trimmest and most flattering of silhouettes.

Beg Your Pardon Polo Coat Adelaide Made to Measure

Beg Your Pardon Polo Coat Adelaide Made to Measure

Completed by a pic stitched lapel and numerous inside pockets, this is a unique and versatile piece that can be imagined as something to wear every day, or the boldest statement you can make, simply through your choice of fabrics.

Beg Your Pardon Polo Coat Adelaide Made to Measure

Seen above in a wonderful green textured cloth, created for our client Sam G., this coat is available in 450g 100% merino wool fabric for $2690, or in pure cashmere for $3995.
A wide range of colours and patterns are available.

Book an appointment now for a consultation on your very own polo coat.
We'd love to see some more of these roaming the streets of Adelaide and beyond!

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