The Fun Shirt - by Sam

I've long had a keen interest in the fun shirt.

Legend has it that this style of shirt - made of pieces from several different fabrics - got its start as a practise piece for apprentice shirtmaking tailors. 
Before being allowed to construct shirts for clients on their own, the apprentices were tasked with creating shirts from various fabric offcuts.
The result was a shirt of many colours.

At some point in the previous century, the style became popularised among university students in the USA, after it was introduced by some of the most influential men's clothiers of the time.
Dubbed the fun shirt, for its unorthodox nature, it went from a practise piece to a desirable piece of clothing.

Fast forward to today, and fun shirts are having another moment.
I've seen a number of international brands reintroducing them.
Some are just re-highlighting it as an offering they've had for decades.
Myself having a love for the style, paired with the tools to create my own, I did.

beg your pardon fun shirt

Made from pieces of eight different cotton/linen fabrics, all are varying shades of white and blue, it makes for a distinctive appearance without being crazily loud.
Both Michael and myself have identical pieces of these - one of the perks of the job is getting to be our own test subjects!

The prototype has a single pocket and a fairly stiff collar, so it stays in place.
Both of these are optional on the version we'll be offering from now.


If you like this design, we'd like to extend to you the opportunity to have one of your own.
Or, if you have an idea of a unique fun shirt that you'd like to have for your very own individual piece, we invite you to discuss the idea with us on your next visit.
I'll be coming up with a few different fun shirt variations as time goes on, so keep your eye out. A subtle winter version in oxford cloth will be coming later this year.

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