Why Knitted Ties Are A Great Choice For You

Knitted ties have been around for decades, and have come and gone from fashion trends over the years. They can be found in square ended or regular ended forms. Pairing just as well with suits as with jacket/trouser ensembles or even jacket and jeans, the knitted tie is a great way to give a dash of pizazz to your outfit.

What they also are, is fun. Knitted ties are also a great starting point for someone who wants to wear a tie, but might feel out of place wearing a more classical number. They're also great for a seasoned sartorialist who wants an added dash of texture.
The knit has a bit of an edge, a bit of character, and a hell of a lot of versatility.

A Pattern For Every Body

The great thing about the nature of knitted ties is the wide range of patterns that can be incorporated into the tie. Stripes, polka dots, salt & pepper textures and many other patterns can be found in knitted form.

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Solid colours really shine when knitted too, as the knit gives the tie a rich texture and creates visual interest. You can keep your colour palette relatively conservative, while still drawing attention.

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The Best Black Tie is a Knitted Tie

Perhaps the best thing about a knitted tie is that it allows you to wear a black tie without looking like you don't know what you're doing.

Long bladed black ties are often vilified in people's minds, because they project that the wearer has little knowledge of how to dress. Given that black ties are often a part of uniform, the modus operandi behind this line of thought is to avoid black ties in order to avoid looking like you work at the place you're going to.
Nobody wants to walk into a hotel and be treated like a concierge!

Enter the knitted tie, and that all changes.
A grenadine tie is also an option, in order to wear a black tie stylishly.

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All it takes to change the attitude from uniform to personal style is the texture. A black knit is a perfect choice when the requirement is a somewhat austere colour palette (such as attending a wedding, when you don't want to peacock and take attention away from the groom), or perhaps temperance of other parts of the outfit.

Conclusion: Get one around your neck!

A knitted tie is a perfect addition to the wardrobe of men both young and old. The knit has quickly become one of our favourite types of tie, thanks to its versatility. It's a great way to inject a twist of fun into your outfit!

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Adapted from an article originally posted on SamTalksStyle.com

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